What we do

DMC provides consultancy and ‘hands-on’ data management services

  • Strategic planning for CRM and data management
  • Data Sources and Applications
  • Data audit & analysis
  • Appraisal of current data – What is its value to the strategy?
  • Data “health check”  and gap analysis
  • Data analytics
  • Requirements for enhancement and augmentation
  • Training in the use of data and data-driven marketing techniques
  • Segmentation & Profiling

Many organisations have the data in-house that could provide a deeper understanding of current and prospective customers.

Our consultancy services assist clients to release the inherent value locked away in their data, and the development of data-driven, customer-focused business strategies designed to optimise profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

The objective is to consolidate all service interactions, loyalty initiatives, customer communications and transactions through all possible contact media, in order to build an in-depth understanding of the customer.
Imagine how much more effective your organisation would be if it could:

  • Quantify customers’ current and long-term value to the company
  • Identify niche customer segments, providing potential for improved communications and promotions
  • Understand product-purchasing habits, leading to development of new sales propositions

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