Data Strategy

Research has shown that 60% of the CRM initiatives that fail globally do so because of management’s lack of confidence in the data.

Success relies on the collection of the right data, its management and use; hence the need for a formalised and documented data strategy that all departments of an organisation can buy into. However, the organisation can only buy into it when it exists within the context of a data culture, that recognises and supports the concept that data is a key asset that requires close management, as any other asset, for which everybody shares a responsibility.

Our consultancy, training programmes and mentoring will demonstrate an approach to implementing an organisation-wide data culture and data strategy. Management and staff will be taken through the steps required to ensure effective management of the data asset and an understanding of the value of data throughout the organisation, covering:

  • The alignment of Process, Technology and People
  • The different types of data being used and their provenance
  • The structure and introduction of a data governance team
  • How can data stewardship work in the organisation in reality  – the policies and processes and their impact
  • Embedding a data culture where there may be resistance or lack of understanding
  • Cultivating the participation in best practices
  • Collective buy-in
  • The importance of training