Analytics for Marketing

The  service provides smarter strategies to deliver more sales, more customers and more profit by delivering benefit from analysing customer information to uncover hidden nuggets of business opportunity from the client’s database.
The DMC expert consultants provide actionable outcome to drive one-to-one marketing, helping organisations of all sizes (commercial, governmental, educational, charity or membership organisations) to optimise their marketing communications and customer relationships.
We enable businesses to grow and profit by establishing relationship strategies to help them:

  • Know more about their customers, supply chain & prospects
  • Protect against churn
  • Direct product development
  • Acquire more profitable customers
  • Retain customers and identify opportunities for cross sell and up sell
  • Dynamically drive website content and offers
  • Drive better customer experience and service
  • Improve marketing effectiveness

Businesses and organisations frequently struggle to understand their customers’ needs and so miss valuable opportunities to do further business, expand relationships and maximise revenue potential.

Tremendous benefits can be derived from analysing the data you collect and once you know how to go through it systematically you will find hidden nuggets of information that will drive your marketing and create profitable relationships with your customers.

We will help you access your customer data. Not just their names and addresses but all the information about their purchases, preferences, even details of enquiries and, yes, even complaints.  driven marketing.

We are able to define customers not simply in terms of revenue, but by applying proven techniques like ‘Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value’ modelling and ‘Market Basket Analysis’ across such attributes as
• Behaviour
• Duration of custom
• Number of enquiries, purchases or complaints
• Frequency of business
• Propensity to refer or recommend – the all-important advocacy
• Types of product or services purchased
• Preferred channels of communication
• Method of payment
• Response to marketing propositions
From this newfound understanding, you are able to tune services to meet customer needs and develop propositions, with the result being customers that feel valued and are likely to spend more and be increasingly loyal.

There is no software to buy or subscribe to!

We will work with you as your business partner, an extension of your marketing resource.
Our service comprises data and marketing consultancy and analytical expertise to deliver actionable insights and direction on how to apply them to shape future success.

‘Pay as You Know’ – a low-risk approach

It is perfectly understandable that our clients may wish to ‘put a toe in the water’ as regards challenging their current processes but not commit to a major project in one go.

This matches well our phased approach. So the service has been introduced using the innovative    ‘Pay as You Know’ arrangement.

An initial charge is made to cover set up and data management and the first round of analysis. Thereafter the project progresses (and attracts additional charges) only when both you and the analysts are satisfied that additional benefit may be derived from progressing to the next phase.

Outcome and rationale for action is presented for review at the end of each phase when key analysis issues are presented, normally in a workshop environment, to demonstrate the outcome along with our recommendations.

In this way you, the client, only pay for benefits and only authorise proceeding when you are satisfied with the approach so far.

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