Our team comprises experienced exponents of CRM who help  businesses maximise their investment in technology. Businesses of all kinds embrace CRM without fully assessing the consequences, or understanding the approach and whether they are fully prepared for it. Many will acquire CRM functionality with their reservations systems but are not leveraging it for the greater good of the business.

Our view of CRM covers all aspects of the business as shown in our Framework diagram, below:crm wheel2

Our CRM service provides consultancy and training/mentoring to help get the specification right, to obtain the all-important buy-in from stakeholders and understand how to use data effectively and maximise the benefits from investment in technology.

The analytics service can also be applied to building the business case for investment in CRM.

We provide professional impartial value-added services to support:

  • Requirement specification
  • Business process and workflow
  • Skills Assessment
  • Analytics and customer insight
  • Longer term planning
  • Software selection
  •  Data Strategy:
    • data source, quality, data rules, governance and culture
    • data appraisals and advice on migration
    • data collection, maximisation of touchpoints, ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’

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